Meet Jocivaldo Guajajara, AmazoniAlerta’s first intern

Meet Jocivaldo Guajajara, AmazoniAlerta’s first intern

Jocivaldo Guajajara is the first recipient of AmazoniAlerta’s bursary for Indigenous law students and a dedicated intern making impactful strides in Indigenous law.

Why This Matters?

Having Jocivaldo on our team is a significant milestone. His presence and work underscore the importance of Indigenous representation in the legal field. As a third-year law student at UniBras College in Santa Inês, Maranhão, Jocivaldo brings a unique perspective and invaluable insights to our efforts in land rights and territorial protection.

Jocivaldo’s Journey with AmazoniAlerta:
🔹Research & Analysis: Conducted crucial research on the status of laws and state decrees in Pará, enhancing our legal strategies.
🔹Collaboration & Learning: Actively participated in key meetings and training sessions, including the Indigenous Monitoring Agent training, where he engaged with various Indigenous communities and developed vital monitoring tools.
🔹Advocacy & Communication: Drafted important communications to federal authorities, highlighting issues in Indigenous territories and advocating for necessary support and resources.


We are proud to have Jocivaldo as part of the AmazoniAlerta team. His efforts are a testament to the power of inclusive and diverse perspectives in driving meaningful change. Let’s support and celebrate the invaluable contributions of Indigenous legal professionals like Jocivaldo in our collective mission to protect the Amazon and uphold Indigenous rights.