Team Members

Araribóia Indigenous Land

Our AmazoniAlerta Environmental Agents in Araribóia Indigenous Land comprises members, men and women, of the local Guajajara community. In rotation, team members undertake expeditions to patrol and monitor key areas within their territory that are subject to illegal invasion by loggers, poachers and farmers making land grabs – all of which violate the lands, rights and wellbeing of the local, traditional communities and are also the main drivers of deforestation in the area.

The team record in photographs, video and written accounts, significant territorial and environmental violations they encounter. Our legal team then acts on significant evidence, lobbying law enforcement, the judiciary and relevant government agencies for action to stop and prosecute the illegal activity.  

Additionally to undertaking territorial monitoring or Environmental Agents team has chosen to undertake patrols in areas close to uncontacted Awá People within Araribóia Indigenous Land as a contribution to the defence of their territory and isolated status.