Urgent: First Expedition Reveals Alarming Invasion in the Uru Eu Wau Wau Indigenous Territory

Urgent: First Expedition Reveals Alarming Invasion in the Uru Eu Wau Wau Indigenous Territory

In a groundbreaking effort to protect Indigenous lands, we recently conducted our first expedition in the Uru Eu Wau Wau Indigenous Territory, Brazil, in partnership with the Association of Indigenous Peoples of Amondawa (APIA). This expedition marks a significant milestone in our ongoing mission to monitor and defend these sacred territories. Unfortunately, the findings from our journey are deeply concerning and highlight the urgent need for continued vigilance and action.

Our team, comprising members of AmazoniAlerta, APIA, the National Indigenous Foundation (FUNAI), and the Environmental Police Battalion (BPA), embarked on this critical mission from May 9 to May 20, 2024. The primary objective was to monitor and document any illegal activities threatening the integrity of the Indigenous lands and to gather evidence that could be used to safeguard these areas.

Disturbing Discoveries

As we navigated the extensive areas of the Urupá River and the Serra da Porta, we uncovered several illicit activities:

  1. Abandoned Invader Camps: We encountered multiple camps used by invaders. These sites were littered with debris, including plastic waste, empty bottles, and spent ammunition cartridges, indicating recent human activity.
  2. Illegal Hunting: Signs of illegal hunting were rampant. We found animals, specifically wild pigs, trapped using hooks. Poachers had left these hooks, posing a significant threat to the local wildlife. The trapped animals were removed, and the traps were dismantled to prevent further harm.
  3. Illegal Mining Operations: Perhaps the most alarming discovery was the presence of illegal mining activities. We identified areas where miners had set up operations, clearly violating the protections afforded to the Indigenous territory. The environmental damage caused by these activities was evident, with disrupted land and contaminated water sources.

Our legal team is compiling comprehensive reports based on our findings. These reports will be submitted to the relevant authorities, including local and federal law enforcement agencies, to ensure appropriate actions are taken to address these violations. We are committed to working closely with the authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice and to prevent further encroachment on Indigenous lands.

This expedition underscores our unwavering commitment to protecting the rights and territories of Indigenous peoples. The alarming discoveries made during our journey highlight the critical need for ongoing monitoring and intervention. We will continue to defend these lands, support the Indigenous communities, and raise awareness about the threats they face.

How You Can Help

The work of our team in the Uru Eu Wau Wau Indigenous Territory is only possible thanks to the Rainforest Fund, but much more can be done with your help.

Your support is crucial in our fight to protect Indigenous territories. Your donations help us fund expeditions, legal actions, and advocacy work to protect Indigenous lands and rights. Consider contributing today to support our mission. We can ensure that the Uru Eu Wau Wau Indigenous Territory and other vulnerable areas are safeguarded for future generations. 

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